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SIOTS is a one-stop-shop for the initial outfitting and transition planning of corporate environments. SIOTS' Interior Designers are experts at creating sophisticated, utilitarian, and stimulating office environments. Our leadership team has more experience than any other IO&T company in provisioning furniture, high density filing systems, conference room solutions that incorporate technology, and designing ergonomic work stations. SIOTS' diverse team of experts creates corporate environments that are conducive to our clients' organizational objectives.


Creation of nurturing, holistic environments is achieved through thoughtful design and planning using the latest in modern technology. Our project team creates these healing environments with a seasoned staff from conceptual drawings through aseptic cleaning; producing an "open for business" facility.

Our efforts include, but are not limited to the following services:

  • Conceptual Planning / Space Planning
  • Comprehensive Interior DesignPackages(CID)
  • LEED Assistance
  • Furniture Specification / Procurement / Placement
  • Medical Equipment Planning
  • Low Voltage Planning
  • Resource Protection
  • Transition Planning / Move Coordination
  • Operational Readiness Assessment
  • Aseptic Cleaning
  • Public Relations and Media Support


The SIOTS team strives to create modern and collaborative academic environments that attract highly qualified students. SIOTS assists academic institutions in the modernization, design, and outfitting of classrooms, faculty lounges, labs, business departments, and libraries. Our Audio Visual (AV) Integration Specialists support AV integration needs, in addition to building interfaces for smart classrooms. Through careful planning and extensive coordination, we are able to provide customized solutions to accommodate the needs of academic environments.

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